Where Do I See Myself In The Future?

To me, the future is a very big deal for me. I have many dreams that I plan on following through with, including completing the list of things I want to do in life (insert ambition list here). Some of which I have already done.

In 10-15 years from now, where do you see yourself?
       In 10 years I see myself graduated from high school, completed my undergraduate degree in psychology and my second undergraduate degree in drama at the University of Waterloo, then being sent to The University of British Columbia to their specialized program in social working, where I will graduate from there with a Doctorial degree in Social Work.

     In 15 years I picture myself as having a successful job in Social Working, and writing and performing on the side. I see myself as having at least two books of mine published and having at least made five performances in musical theater. I also see myself still working on completing the list of things I want to do in life.

What will be your political views?

     My political views will be any party that actually cares about animals and the environment. I have strong opinions on animal rights, and also on keeping our planet safe. Any party that will do anything in their power to do what they can to prevent animal cruelty and animal testing will have my vote. If they have plans that they will 1005 follow through with to save the earth by being more environmentally friendly and by "going green" they will also have my vote.

How will you help you community?

     Due to the career(s) I plan on having, I will be well known as an author and performer. Being well known will allow me to run charity events, as I will have the money and 'popularity' it will take to run an event. To help the community I will hold events such as children's charity events to raise money for orphans. I will volunteer at soup kitchens. I plan on holding events to raise money for animal shelters/ humane societies. Who knows, maybe I'll even open up my own animal shelter once I retire from performing and social working. I will also be helping the community with my main job, being a Social Worker, I can help children/teens/adults who need help.

Describe your education and career.

     -Graduate from the University of British Columbia with a degree in Social Work.
    - Become a Social Worker, Write and Perform on the side.
     -As a Social Worker I plan on working with teens more because I feel I would be able to relate to them alot more than children and adults. I believe I could work with either, as I deal with children really well, and I am mature enough to work with adults. However as a teen I know how hard it can be to stay strong through life through certain events that can happen, so in the future I want to know that I can use these things that have happened to me, and relate it to other teens problems so that they will know that they are not alone.
     -As a Writer, I want to right fiction/fantasy for youth readers (teenagers). I want to write fantasy because it gives me a chance to be creative with my writing and the idea's and details that will be including in my writing. I love making up things and just exaggerating them to create more things. I love creating a world where there's everyday problems but their mixed in with the supernatural, and fixing all the problems within the story.
     -As a performer, I want to be able to sing, and dance, and act a bit as well. Perhaps I'll go into a Singing career and perform on one of those big stages with a million spot lights that will be pointed on me. I could dance then to, give the crowd an amazing performance. It would be my time to shine and show people who I am. I may just be in musicals though, so that I could sing, dance, and act, and still get my time to shine, along with the other performers in the play.

  Describe possible relationships with friends and family
     In the future I believe my mother and I may get along better than we do now. However due to our past I do not believe we will be entirely close. I think that farther into the future we may be able to work things out and become close again, but that is a hard thing to tell.

     My dad and I, I can picture us still being close and joking around about everything. I can picture him being a great grandparent to my children, along with my step-mom.

     My little brother, I can picture him and I being extremely close still. He may be ten years younger than me, but I can see him in my future as the type of brother that knows he can come to me with anything, and knows he wont be judged and knows I'll help in whatever way I can.

     Jaqueline Guerra, my current best friend, I can still picture her in my future. Her and I are so close that I can picture her as my maid of honor at my wedding. So for her and I in the future I can see us as still best friends.