No One's Thinking

Rain pours down
Trees blow in the wind
People fall down
From the gun shots spin
No one is thinking
This isn’t right
So many explosions, loud noises
Dead bodies in sight
Bang…another bomb
There drops 10 more soldiers
A brother, a father, a son
It doesn’t matter it’s over
Once again there’s silence
As we wait for the next attack
Once again we’re not thinking
Because this is how humans react
The next one who dies
Could be your best friend
No time to cry
Too quick your life ends
Yet no one speaks up
And things stay the same
Our loved ones are dying
Are you insane?
There’s no reason for this
We should live in peace
Or it hate, revenge, and war all the world is?


I'm not the girl everyone thinks.
You see me as the quiet girl,
Oblivious to everything.
What you all don't know,
Is that i know too much.
I am silent because my mind is swimming,
Swimming with all of your secrets.
He hates her, She dated him,
He's gay, She's bi,
He was abused, She was raped,
Who's rich, Who's poor,
Who's in love, Who's broken hearted,
All of these secrets bombarding my mind.
I'm quiet because I listen to all of you,
And I've heard what you say about me.
How I am "strange" because I hide behind books,
How I am "weird" because it's as if I've taken a life sentence vow of silence,
How you think I'm "stupid" for never knowing what's going on,
Or how I am an "outcast" for not relating to all of you.
You think I'm the one who's "out of the loop",
Yet i am the one who knows everything.
No one see's that they are the oblivious ones,
You do not understand that I am different
Because I am...all of you.


If tomorrow never comes
What would happen today?
If tomorrow never comes
There's something I need to say
If tomorrow never comes
You really should know
That even if tomorrow never comes
I'll never let you go

If tonight was my last night
I'd kiss your sweet lips
If tonight was my last night
I'd tell you just this
If tonight was my last night
I'd say to you, my love
That even if tonight Is my last night
You'll always be my angel from above

If the world ended today
I'd lay with you and die
If the world ended today
This would be my goodbye
If the world ended today
I'd whisper to you the truth
That even if the world ended today
Forever, I'll love you.

I Love How

I love how you act as if nothing's wrong
I love how you can forget about me and just move on
I love how you swore you'd always care
I love how you broke the promise that you'd always be there
I love how you lied right to my face
I love how you left me lost in this maze
I love how you looked me in the eye and said 'I love you'
I love how the next day you said it to her too
I love how you don't even notice that I'm still here
I love how you look right through me when i'm near
I love how you promised I'd never leave your heart
I love how you broke that and how now i'm falling apart.....


Did someone create forever just so there could be an end? Did someone create hearts so they could be left to be broken?
Did someone create love so there would be something more than friends?
Did someone create lies so all these things could be left unspoken?
Did someone create me, so that I could be caught in the middle?
Did someone create happiness, so we could always be sad?
Did someone create life, to continue on this riddle?
Did someone create you just to drive me mad?

My Confession

I have a confession
Look at what we've been through
So many lessons
How to lie, how to be true

But I'm done with pretending
Like there's nothing here
I give up on just befriending
My truth is near

There once was a time
When you walked right out
No word, no signs
You chose a silent route

But there was one thing
That you forgot when you were away
The chance for me to tell you the one thing
I really need to say

So here I sit, writing down my thoughts
Trying to get out
These feelings I've for so long fought
So here I go, listen up, don't make me shout ;

My definition of amazing
Is simply you
Yes, you drive me crazy
And sometimes even blue
I could look into your eyes forever
Just like when we first met
I'll never leave you,no NEVER
I'm ready to be here, I'm all set
Everything you are
Is my whole world
You're my shinning star
First time I saw you ; my heart swirled
So here's the part
In which I've been lying, but I'm ready to tell the truth
Your the one who owns my heart...
Because, boy, I'm completely in love with you.


The word I thought I'd never say
Until you let me walk away
I never wanted to go
Baby, I loved you so
You were my best friend
I thought..until the very end
I trusted you with my life
Your lies cut me like a knife
You were my whole heart
And the reason it fell apart
I never really wanted to leave
Until you said goodbye to me

Too Late

You think it doesn't hurt me to leave
But in fact it freaking kills me
In my heart I want so badly to stay
To have the hope that someday you'll feel the same
Though as of right now, i feel every word you've said
Was each a lie, carefully placed into my head
I can't believe I fell for you
One reason; I thought you told the truth
It's now I realize that I was wrong
When it's too late, my hearts broken, my love is gone.